One of the biggest advantages of the Internet over conventional print classifieds is the ability to show people your plane. So how do you add a listing and get a photo of your aircraft onto the web? Just following these simple guidelines below, to help.



1. Registering

Before you can add an aircraft to be sold, you need to register. Registering is simple, and once done, you can add a listing straight away.

Click on Register located on the top right hand side of the home page, and fill in the Become a Member Page. Make sure you fill in all the required fields.

You’ll need to enter a username and password that will be used to manage your account and your listings.

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2. Add a Listing

Login, using your username and password. Fill in the form, making sure you complete all the required fields. You will be asked for information about your aircraft such as:


  • Category
  • Aircraft Type
  • Make/Model
  • Year Built
  • Serial Number
  • Total Time
  • Airframe Registration number and expiry (if current)
  • Price
  • Engine and Engine Specifications
  • Any additional comments

Make sure your contact details are up to date, and click ADD.

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3. Paying for your Listing

Before your listing can be added you need to pay for it. The amount you pay is determined by the information you've provided. For private sellers, the rate is $55.00 per aircraft, total cost until sold. Commercial sellers are given a discounted rate of $35.00 per aircraft until sold.

We have multiple payment options. You can use our online Credit Card facility or if you're not comfortable paying online, you can pay by Credit Card over the phone, by Cheque or by Electronic Funds Transfer – the choice is yours.

Regardless of the method you use to pay, once your payment has been approved, your listing is added and will stay online until you remove the listing when your aircraft is sold.

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4. Managing your Listings

You can manage all your listings through the Members Area. Login using your username and password. Here you can add photos, and add further information about your aircraft, such as avionics, interior, and exterior.

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5. Adding Photos

To add photos to appear with your listing you need to be in the Members Area. Click on View My Listings and select Manage Photos.

Formats publishes "jpeg" formatted photos. This is because these files are adequately compressed to speed up page load times but retain good detail when displayed on screen.


If you’re taking photos by digital camera or scanning an existing photo with a scanner, choose either low or at the most medium resolution.

The size of your photos should be no more than 100 kilobytes in size.

Uploading Photos

To upload a photo, click on browse to search for the photo on your computer, and double click on the file name.

You need to give your photo a display order. Enter 1 for your ad to appear in the small ad view.

You may enter a description if you want to appear with your photo, otherwise click on Upload.

Note: You have a maximum of 6 photos per advertisement.

Good luck with your listing.

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